(Locked) Can't download audiojungle preview.....

Someone else with the same problem ?

Solution ?

( i all ready contact the author to send it to me , but would be good to know
if its just me or also other people with the same problem )


I’ve been experiencing some problems also.Item pages don’t fully load without refreshing and previews open up full screen.I can download the previews though…

I can’t download audiojungle preview,either.

Try with an other interface, as chrome or firefox…
Maybe caused by marketplace updates

Well… i think that someone has to do something about it… :wink:

realthing said

Well… i think that someone has to do something about it… :wink:


Looks like a lot of people have this problem… i found this…

Here is what works for me. Use Microsoft internet explorer! I think your player will look different (I have ONLY a play button at the middle). Then just right click and “Save target as…” .
Hope that can help.


yes, just noticed this yesterday and was going to post… did they change their policy??
Now you have to ask permission from Audiojungle author?

Its 3 days already that I cant download AJ previews.

We’re aware if the issue. I’m going to see if we can’t get things moving a bit faster on this one :slight_smile: Thanks!