Attention!!! Dear Envato.On the site does not work to download a preview!

Dear Envato.Download previe

w does not work!

Hi @AveoAudio,

Does this happen with any file on audiojungle or with a certain file?
I am able to download previews on my computer, both with Firefox and Chrome, it seems fine :thinking:

This’s happenned to me and my colleage downloading any music file from Audio Jungle as well. Neither Firefox nor chrome works.

Thank you for your feedback.

Could you please report this too to Envato Help&Support Team, (they will let the developers know about this issue), using this address:

and when reporting on that page, please select fields like this:

Thank you!

Yeah, with all the files! A text document is downloaded from Internet Explorer((

What are you going to do?)

Please open a ticket at that address. :slight_smile:

A member of Envato Help&Support Team will decide how to proceed further (when you open the ticket, please give more details about the browser you are using, if or not you use a proxy, etc - things that could help with debugging)

I can´t download any preview´s either. Tried on Safari and Google Chrome but same problem with access denied.

Same here, I’ve just reported it to support

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Is this a global problem? :thinking: I can’t download previews either.

Yes, the same thing here, let’s hope that they will soon fix .

Yup, doesn’t work here either, Chrome…

Yhm, same here.

I´ve tried downloading previews on an older Macbook Pro (Safari/Google Chrome) - access denied. But on a newer Macbook Air (Safari and Google Chrome) it does work just fine.

Hi there,

Pete here from the development team. We’ve identified the source of the issue, palms have been applied to faces and I have just deployed and verified a fix. Please drop us a line if you see any further issues.

With apologies for the inconvenience;





I confirm that this is now working! Thank you Envato for the quick reaction! I am very happy!