Can't access my account

Hello, I can’t access my account. It keeps asking me for a verification code, but the code never arrives in my email (or spam folder). I read the post on this issue; it was no help. I’ve tried creating support tickets by using the submission link and form. But I never get an acknowledgment that a ticket has been created. I read one post on this forum that says I should receive an email acknowledgment with a ticket number. The issue is so bad that I couldn’t even log in to this forum because that too required verification code. So I had to create a new account with my Gmail address just to log in to here and post this message.

The user id for my account that I can’t access is whopwood. I’ve been a customer for many years and have many, many puchased Worpress plugins associated with my account. I have never before had a problem logging in. This is a critical issue because I urgently need to access the download and license key for a plugin that I purchased on 7-31. I hope someone here can help me.

There is almost certainly something wrong with your original email. Try to get in touch with Envato Help using this new one (link at the bottom of this article):


Have you tried with clear cache and cookie and through another browser.

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Please open a Help ticket and let them know. Also you can see this detailed thread on what may be happening.


Thank for for the response. As I indicated in my post, I’ve already tried those suggestions. And apparently I can’t even create a ticket, because I get no email response when I do. I’m completely locked out of my account with no way to even get help. I have a very large number of WP plugins and license keys that I can’t access This is after being a very loyal customer for many years. This is really hurting me. I hope someone from Envato can help.

Hello Mgscoder. Thank you. I’ve already tried everything in the thread you mention. And, it appears that I’m not even able to create a help ticket. I’ve tried not only multiple browsers but multiple computers.

Sorry! to know. I can see your profile and you have collector level 3 badge. I think somehow your account got locked. you don’t need to login just please fill the form and submit:

in the form you have options to mention your envato account username.


Mgscoder. Thank you. It’s great to hear from a human about my problem. I’ve tried submitting support tickets under my account whopwood. I don’t even get any kind of response. I never dreamed such a thing could happen. It’s as if envato has cancelled me. Thanks for telling me that I have a level 3 collector badge. I wish that would somehow help. I’m hoping that someone from envato will see this thread and help me. Again, thanks.

Have you tried to contact the Envato Help using this account (hopwoodw) as well?

Thanks for writing again. I just created a support request explaining my problem and using my account hopwoodw, but I didn’t receive any email acknowledgement. It’s as if their help system isn’t working. I’m getting to the point where I will need to start purchasing plugins that I’ve already paid for. I will have no choice because access to them is necessary for me to maintain a web site that I manage. I can understand being locked out of an account. That can happen and can be an inconvenience. But the inconvenience turns into a nightmare when you can’t even reach customer support.


Use this form and you don’t need to login with any account, if form submit not work for account close then another account (hopwoodw) email you can use:

in the form:
Tell us more: Please selcet => My account is locked
Your email address => provide concerned account email id
Also in the form you have options to mention your envato account username, provide the concerned account username.

Do you have an Envato account?
If so, what is your Envato username?

If you already got acknowledgement email about ticket creation then please don’t create multiple tickets, it can make more delay to response for volume of open ticket.


Thanks. I’ve put in around 3 support requests using this form. 2 from one account, whopwood, and 1 from hopwoodw. No acknowledgements to any of the 3.

have you checked spam/junk mail! you should receive email regarding your open ticket.

Thank you. Nothing received in the spam folder. I’ve submitted support requests from two different accounts, whopwood and hopwoodw, associated with two different email accounts, and I have received no email regarding an open ticket for either email address. If anyone reading this knows anyone who works in Envato support, please ask them to help me. I’ve been professionally managing web sites for many years and have hundreds of different accounts across many internet sites. But I’ve never run into anything like this before.

ANy news on this I get the same stuff.