Not able to access my account

I am not able to access my Envato Elements account. I signed up using my student email ID, and that email ID expired/doesn’t exist anymore! So, I am not able to log into my Envato elements account! I am a freelancer and I have several pending projects to be completed and I am unable to access my account, and I have no idea how I can contact the customer support! I have submitted my help tickets request multiple times in the help center but with no response!! Please help.

That’s the only way, if they would be providing some help, they would but it may be slow.

As you’re not student, you may not be able to use the “student” account and you may need to create a new account

Yes I am willing to create a new account. And that is precisely why I wanted to log in and cancel my subscription, so that I can create a new one. Its been a few days now, I have haven’t had any response.

Support is a little bit slow, may take 4-6 working days.

It has been over a week and not a single response from the Envato customer support!! This is bizzare.