I cannot access my account

Hello, esteemed Envato team. I purchased a subscription from you, but after a few hours I started not being able to log into my Envato account from any device. It does not accept any login I made with Google and I paid a lot of money for this subscription. Please show me a valid reason for this and refund my money, otherwise I would like you to know that I will start some legal processes and I will never back down on this issue.

Contact support:

I sent 2 emails and contacted the Help Center, but they still haven’t responded.

Please don’t create multiple help tickets, it will make more delay to response. Please keep patience, support team will reply as quickly they can. Thanks

Please keep patience, support team will reply as quickly they can

I apologize, but don’t you think this person sent 2 emails because your support service isn’t responding at all as fast as they can?

It feels like you have one of the slowest support services out there, and it’s no wonder people contact you multiple times

It usually takes 2-4 working days to get a proper respond and solution from Envato.

The solution for the login issue would be trying to login with username/email instead of the social networks on a new browser or after cleaning the cache.

If you’re able to login, disconnect the “social login” as in some cases, the system has issue.

Apart from that, if your account is blocked for some security reasons, your refund process has been already started - this is most likely your case if you have a new account.

It has nothing to do with clearing cookies or logging in from a different IP address. I have tried many things and it is definitely not working. There are countless envato accounts being sold illegally but instead of doing that, I bought an Envato account with my own money because I hate illegal activities. However, it seems that the Envato team has banned or restricted me for no reason. I cannot log in to my own account under any circumstances. I want this situation to be resolved as quickly as possible.

Yes of course any Envato member (Customer/Author) can contact Envato support multiple times. But at the same time for the same issue multiple tickets will create the open ticket volume high and as a result support reply will make more delay. So, it’s best to get in touch with support through a single ticket (for a single issue) at a time. and need to keep patience because reply can take time based on weekend, holidays etc.