Cancelling a refund

Hello, I issued a refund request a few hours ago and I was wondering if I can cancel it. Thanks

Assuming that you requested a refund on your account from the authoer, you can contact the item author and request to ignore it or post another comment at the same section if it allows you

you will not be able to cancel the refund request from your side. but you can post a new comment in the open refund request from your refund page and let the item author know it and tell them to decline the request. then author will decline the request and refund will be canceled/declined. Thanks

where can I find the refund page?

Here you will find your open refund request:

I’ve made a request, yet I can’t find it on that page (searched on closed requests aswell). However, now when I enter the ‘Request a Refund’ page it says " You don’t have any refundable purchases ". Did I do something wrong?

may we know which item you have purchased and talking about refund cancellation. have you purchased from envato market?

The item I purchased is X Theme

if you don’t find your request on open/closed refund request then why you need to cancel. I think you can ignore and if the theme author will contact you or if you will receive any reply then you can reply and tell them to decline any such request. Thanks

this is a 2 week old topic, in the mean time I cancelled the request, tried using it and freakin gave up, so I made another request