Refund request disappeared

Hi, I raised a refund request with author over a month ago and it said in progress. I have been ill so have left it until now and found i could raise a dispute. I raised a dispute and the page refreshed and under the refund tab i no longer have any open refund or closed refund requests.

My refund request was because the theme i purchased was so limited every little thing had to be custom coded to function and the ‘fully mobile responsive’ was not true also trying to use any other plugin would cause issues. The theme was pretty much locked down to its content.

Could anyone shine any light as to what has happened?


If you had already downloaded the item then an author can refuse to refund you.

In your cause you are not eligible for a refund. A theme being limited is quite subjective. If you have an issue you must contact the theme author instead of requesting a refund. Most authors are quite helpful and will try to help you.

Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.