Canceling a product purchase

Hello, a purchase was made for my program (September 21, 8:00), but the buyer sent the original key (required to register an unlimited license on his PC) only after 4-5 days. I wanted to write to him myself, but could not find his contact information. Later he sent me the required key via Telegram and I was able to send him a license. But by this time the purchase (on the website) was canceled for some reason, that is, there were 2 sales, but only one remained. The buyer writes that he simply did not have time to work on the program earlier, and he did not cancel his purchase (he is ready to provide his code). Can I somehow resolve this issue? I haven’t been on this site very long and unfortunately I don’t know all the subtleties yet.

The issue is that if you are modifying how licenses or items are used or accessed then that breaches envato’s author agreement and would mean that envato will not be able to help.

For what it’s worth you should be able to see details of any refund/reversal in your account to see if it is that purchase and not the other one.

If it is this buyer - their purchase would not cancel of its own accord, but again if you are operating outside of envato’s official license etc then there’s not much that anyone can do.

Thanks for the answer, excuse my ignorance (recently on Envato), but how can I verify that I am working outside of the official envato license (meaning I sell my product somewhere else?). Because I didn’t change anything specifically (including the license) and the first sale was successfully accrued, and so far.

Regarding the 2nd (which I wrote about above) in the Statement I have the following information:

26 Sep 2023 1*******8 CodeCanyon Author Fee Reversal Reversal of Author Fee for sale IVIPХХХХХХХ
26 Sep 2023 1*******8 CodeCanyon Sale Reversal Reversal of TG_AUSender

If nothing can be done, would it be right for me to now send the client a license key for my program (! after all, he paid honestly), despite the fact that I did not receive payment from him?

Assuming a purchase is reversed then no you do not send them anything. If it’s reversed then they no longer have an active license to use the item.

In terms of the licensing - you cannot restrict access to an item that requires a buyer to message you especially on a third party platform to get license codes or more access.

Also “unlimited license” doesn’t sound right - licenses are for single use, not unlimited.

If you need to validate licenses then you need to look at using envato’s API to check authenticate buyers

Thank you, do I understand correctly that in this case (based on the data in the Statement above), the purchase could have been canceled by the buyer himself? Even though he writes that he didn’t do it.

It could have been the buyer but not necessarily.

Ultimately it’s not relevant - you should send them a screenshot/evidence that the purchase has been reversed (for whatever reason) and therefore the license is no longer active.

Got it, thank you very much!