8 Sale Reversals worth $1200+

This morning I woke up to see 8 sale reversals on my account. This is the first time I am getting this.
Read some posts on forums and Mods comments, and there seems to be nothing I could do about this.

My issue:
One of the sale reversal was from an extended license buyer(Worth of $600+). I provide extra files over email to all my extended buyer.
Is there any way I could track back the username of this buyer through the Order Number that is shown on the Statement page?

I want to block this buyer on my Google Drive too so that he won’t receive any updates for my files.

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You won’t be able to track down their username through Envato after the reversal. However, if you hover your mouse over the gray info icon to the right of the prices, it will show the purchase code. If you have a license system that records purchase codes, you can identify them this way if they ever activated the script.

Otherwise, if you open a Help ticket, they may be able to give you their username. No promises though. :stuck_out_tongue:


I checked my system and found that non of the purchased codes were used to install. Seems weird.