This feeling when you help someone so much and he does a sale reversal...


I have helped and even made installation of my script to a buyer and he did a sale reversal days after. I already had two sales reversal in the past, but this one makes me really sad.

After I had installed the script for him, I never heard about this buyer again… Then the sale reversal. It’s a little sad to know that I have spent at least one hour answering his mails and supporting him and now, he has my script, had my support and … His money too.

At least, he will not be able to get the updates.

I wanted to share this with you… Did it already happen to some of authors here?

You said you installed the script, that means he downloaded the script from CodeCanyon. As I remember he can’t make a sale reversal if he downloaded the script.

If you sent him your own copy of the script then that’s another story

Of course he bought it from codecanyon. I always check license key before providing support to buyers…

Did you approve the reversal? If not there’s no reason he get one. There shouldn’t be any sales reversal at all on download able products imho.

No I didn’t approve it. My earnings decreased and in my statement I have a line which says “Sale Reversal”.

are you sure it’s from that user? If so I’m curious why there’s a sales reversal.

Yes, I’m sure because there is his name on the invoice.

I’ve just received a reply from him by email, and he told me that he didn’t understand. Several days after purchasing my item, his envato account access got compromised. He couldn’t access it, and his profile link now goes to a 404 error page :confused: . Should I contact envato directly ?

Can you access his userpage? If the account was closed the sales reversal is maybe not initiated by the user rather by Envato. Best to contact support.

Sounds like he complained to PayPal, paypal scrape back the money, Envato call it a sales reveral and the buyers account is disabled.