About Reversal

We are facing too many reversal problems it getting worse. Does any other facing the same??

Need to do some work for this kind of problem

Any solution for such a problem??

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Hi @bizberg_themes,

sale reversal really Bad Luck! it is really difficult to handle such type of fraud customer. For sale reversal envato suspend/disable those fraud customers account and they will not be able to use their account anymore. But always I would like to keep item uptodate to make compatible with latest technology/tools/cms/mvc/framework. Also Author can input purchase code validation process in the item when customer will use the item.

What happens when a Sales Reversal occurs

When a reversal occurs, Envato will:

  • Immediately disable the Envato account from which the purchase was made;
  • Remove the item from the customer’s Downloads page;
  • Invalidate the purchase code for the item.



No one stop it, This is same happen to us continues. There is no solution.