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Just as an FYI to anyone looking to purchase this…it says you can cancel anytime. This is true…but once you pay, you pay for the year. You do NOT get money back for not being able to use their product. You do NOT get money back for cancelling before your subscription period. Cancel anytime simply means you choose to not renew…NOT that you can actually cancel your subscription. It is VERY misleading and horribly wrong. This is a horrible site that unfortunately just ate $200 for a product I can’t even use because I couldn’t see that it didn’t work with the program I was using until AFTER I downloaded it.

Awful product. Do NOT download, subscribe, or use this site in ANY fashion.

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Hi @kyleesmusic0409,

Please open a Help ticket at the following link to explain what happened and request a refund:

With respect to your post, I deal with online subscriptions quite frequently and only a couple times have I seen a service offer unsolicited prorated refunds when cancelling. The words “cancel anytime” are not the same as “money-back guarantee,” at least not to me, but I do agree that Envato could improve their phrasing.


I never said money back guarantee. Even un cancelling, I expected to be out my $16 for this month. This is listed as a monthly payment AND cancel anytime. That leads anyone to believe and definitely insinuates that you can cancel any month. It does NOT mean you pay for the year and then can choose to not renew at anytime. Those are 2 VERY different things and mean should NEVER be used to confuse a customer.

Seems like a mix of misunderstandings here. It sounds like you selected the yearly plan. As shown on the billing page, this charges you for a full year at a time. It is not billed monthly, which is why there’s a discount.


Anyways, this isn’t a place to argue because I can’t help you any more than to redirect you. Open a ticket here and they can get this sorted for you:

No mention of a yearly plan even listed.

And, thanks for the link. I did open a ticket. But I want you to see why this is horribly worded, and severely misguiding. I did not see what you have pictured below. There was an option, but it was listed as $33 or $16.50/month.

Just to be clear the 16.50 is only when you buy for a year - it’s an equivalent monthly cost.

It is not possible to complete subscription without choosing the annual plan.

If you only subscribed on the monthly plan then it would be 33 (due to shorter commitment and ability to cancel after each month)

As @baileyherbert suggested - talk to envato and see if they can help

Thank you and I have done that.

What I’m saying is that if you are going to make someone pay all $198 at one time, do not even mention the monthly. Because you are not then paying monthly, it is a 1x full charge. Get rid of the monthly aspect and simply say yearly. As it states, it appears you will be paying a monthly fee of $16.50 for a total of $198 over the year, and then you can cancel at any time.
But, it is not available to cancel at any time as it says. You can choose to non-renew at any given time, but since you’ve already paid for a year, you cannot cancel at any point as it suggests. Any that I have ever seen list a monthly price, you pay that monthly fee, each month…not a 1x full payment. At no point, until I got my receipt, did I realize I was paying all $198 at one time.

It’s just very misleading and frustrating to then have a year long payment in for a site that has, unfortunately, very little I can actually use with my program.

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That’s the whole point though. Just want to commit to a month… pay $33 a month. Happy to commit to a year… get it at half the monthly price. That’s a pretty common practice to entice people to commit to a year. If you could cancel and get your money back any time, then nobody would ever sign up for monthly… they’d just buy the annual plan and cancel after a month, thus saving $16.50.

And it’s also a common practice to mention monthly so that people can better compare the difference in price between the two plans. I appreciate you may not have realised you were paying $198, but it does say in the radio button that it’s a one-off payment of $198, and it also says in the summary section before you make the payment.

I fully get the concept as I’m not an idiot. My point is how it is laid out, how it is presented, and the execution of what is said. Because it is NOT worded well. It is NOT worded in the way 99% of websites are that offer a monthly vs yearly subscription. If they offer that, it states:

Monthly - Yearly ($/month)

Yours ONLY states the cost per month. Then also states right underneath, “cancel at any time”. This is also a highly inaccurate way to put this. You cannot “cancel at anytime”, you can choose to not renew at any time. That is a HUGE difference.

As for it saying it, I never saw any dialogue box that stated is was a 1x payment of $198. I saw that was the total, but never did I see it was a 1x fee until I received my receipt. I saw that it would be the total for the year, not that I was being charged it all at once.

I appreciate the point of the discounted and all that. I get it. But, I think you need to see it from a consumer’s perspective that this is what is perceived.

Thank you.

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While I don’t in any way think that you’re an idiot, it does seem apparent that you don’t have much experience of subscriptions if these practices are all new to you. Every subscription I’ve ever had wouldn’t let me get any money back if I cancelled it, unless they had some kind of limited duration money-back guarantee at the start. Have you ever cancelled a monthly subscription and got one, two, three weeks money back without a money back guarantee? And every subscription I’ve had where they offer a discount for paying for a year up front has never let me cancel, it’s clear I’m getting that discount for committing to the year upfront.

While it’s always possible for things to be clearer, I think it’s clear enough.

Hi, That deprecated “support ticket” system does not work. I attempted using it. That was 5 days ago with no response from Envato Elements.
What gives? :smiley:

The google captcha is making it really impossible to download images on an urgent project… For each image it keeps on taking five to six clicks… and there is no way to pass on this message to the people at envato - or, i am not aware - am planning to unsubscribe if this issue is not resolved - can someone please let me know how to take this problem to the customer support team. Many thanks in advance