Envato payment

Hy, I am really glad to discover Envato elements and to find tutorials and templates.

I just wanted to ask WHY did I pay all year in once, instead of paying 14 euros monthly as it is said in your user conditions?

How is it gonna word if I want to unsubscribe, would I have my money for this year’s months back? Or did I really pay for a year…

Your offer specify clearly that it is a monthly payment.

Can any of you enlight me on this subject?

Thank you.

  1. 14 Euros is only the equivalent cost if you pay for a year up front. Monthly costs is more like 29 euros

  2. No one can complete the sign-up process with passing this section where you have the option to choose annual or monthly. There is nothing deceptive about what envato are promoting

  1. If you want a refund then you need to stop downloading items using the current subscription and contact elements support who will look into helping. Envato Elements Help and Support