Can you test themes?


I’m interested in subscribing to gain access to the premium Wordpress templates. Do I understand correctly that you must register your domain when using a template? I’m curious if you can test the themes on your domain before registering? I have about 10 Wordpress instillations on my site. I’d like to install a different theme on each then let my friends view them individually with all of MY content (menus, pics, logos, etc.) and give me feedback. Once I decide on a single theme, the others will be deleted. I find that the “Live Preview” feature never looks the same once you have your personal content on the page.

Is this possible or am I going to have to register every single template I download?


No it’s not possible

You should understand the different marketplaces -

Envato elements…
(Subscription) unlimited download from elements (not themeforest or other marketplaces).
No support and no guarantees updates

Individual purchases
6 months support and lifetime updates while the theme is available.

  • All themes offer demo sites.
  • Very few authors offer demo admin access
  • No one is going to let you install and use ones without buying them

I guess I’m a bit confused. These Wordpress themes are part of the elements sub, no?

Yes they are - they just don’t come with the same support or updates as individual purchases from themeforest

Great, thank you for the reply. What I asked should be accomplishable with these themes then?

Yes with the subscription, you can do that