Can I work with a free trial theme and change it to licensed later?

I’m sure this is the simplest and dumbest question ever. But I am too tired now to risk any more guessing. I’m building a WordPress site for my business. I have an Envato Elements subscription and have downloaded one of the themes on a free trial basis. Is it ok for me to design and build my website using this free trial version and then pay and acquire a full license only when I’m ready to publiish? Thanks for help.

There is no free trial on Envato Elements:

If you have a subscription and have downloaded the item, feel free to use it as normal. You can then buy the ThemeForest version to get access to updates and support, but that’s up to you.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’m sorry I’m still confused. I’ve got a subscription, yes. I’m talking about the items I’ve found by using my subscription to browse. When I look at the WordPress themes, I have the option of downloading a free trial of the theme or paying for the license and downloading that way. I have downloaded a theme for free and uploaded it to WordPress, I’m building my site at the moment. So… I’m lost. Can I just publish the page with the free theme? Or do I have to buy the Licence? And if yes, can I keep working on the free version and just pay for the licence when I am publishing the site?

Sorry for late reply. Can you please share a screenshot where do you see that “free trial” option?