About free templates

Hello everyone.

I need to know if I can use the free wp templates in more than one website

I can see premium templates offered as free templates. ( [Download Free WordPress Themes on ThemeForest](https://themeforest.net/lp/free-wordpress-themes/ and Download It For Free! Website Templates | ThemeForest Are these lifetime licences ?

In the case I purchase a theme, will I have to renew the payment every year?

Also, please clarify if I will have to eventually update the theme in both cases

Thank you and regards


All items free or paid for are 1 license for 1 website/domain. If you want to use it on more than one then you need to buy multiple copies (not an option for free themes)

Payments are all one-off and not every year, except www.elements.envato.com which is monthly or annual. Note: subscription downloads do not come with the same support/updates that full purchases from the main marketplaces like themeforest, do.

Paid for items get lifetime (As long as it is for sale) access, updates (when provided), and 6 months support (T&Cs apply).

Free themes do not get the updates or support.

Hello again and thank you very much for clarifying!

One more question though, if you allow me:

Where do I get THEMEFOREST support?

Sorry as I understood that this was the place to post my query on Themeforest products and services.

I am interested to learn this because I have just downloaded one of the premium website templates that is offered as free premium of the month. I have downloaded the template from here: Download Free WordPress Themes on ThemeForest

Hope you can help me providing me their support address

Regards and Happy New Year!


So that is a premium template but you are only downloading the free version so you do not get the support/updates.

If you want the support and updates then you would need to click ‘add to cart’ and buy the full version.

Once you purchase a theme then there is a tab above the item preview image labelled ‘support’ which will take you to whatever support forum/method the author (it is them that support items not envato) uses