QUESTION: If I buy the Envato annual plan, I'll can use whatever ThemeForest Theme in how many sites I want?

I Work in a Digital Marketing Agency and we have a lot of clients, and each have one website in Wordpress using a ThemeForest’s Theme. But, today, i’m buying one licence to each website (i can’t to use the same licence in more the one site). I’d like to know something: If a buy a plan, here: , I’ll can download any theme from ThemeForest and use in how many web sites I want?

No. You can download WP themes which are included in Elements.

Here is a list (around 300 of them):


Hi @PatrickAlper.

As CocoBasic mentioned, Envato Elements and ThemeForest are two different sites - some themes will be available in both, but in general ThemeForest has a larger range.

If you have an active Elements subscription, you can keep using those themes for multiple projects - you’ll just need to register a new licence for each project, which you can do via the “My Downloads” page in your account. Click Add a licence and you can add the details for the new client project. There’s more info here:

This is different to the way ThemeForest licenses work, where one standard license purchase covers a single end product.