Can we use a theme for two different websites on two different servers?

If I purchase a license of 228bucks billed annually or 29bucks for envato elements then,
Can I use it for 2 different website’s hosted on 2 different servers.
For eg:
I am buying only one license of Envato Elements. And using the themes and elements in to create 2 different websites hosted on 2 different website’s as shown below. 2

Will one license work?

Thank you!!!

With Elements subscription - you have to download 2 copies and assign a new project each


So this means that I will have to buy 2 envato elements licenses, if I want to use themes on 2 different server/domain.

Not if it’s an elements item. You can download elements items unlimited times so twice for two projects is no problem.

Bear in mind that you have to be a subscriber when the project is completed so cannot stockpile themes.

If the theme is not on elements and only available on the main marketplaces then you would need to purchase it twice.

Got it! Thanks a ton for replying promptly.