Can we resubmit a hard rejected item?

Hello guys we are new to envato.our first social networking script got rejected.they said


now the problem is errorreporting is set,Code adheres to PSR STANDARDS .everything seems to be okay - can i resubmit my item?
You guys can check live demoe here

Apart from the rejection points. I would suggest you to rework on your design. As it is very much confusing and everything seems messed up to me. I would suggest you to take a look at other social networking scripts and just get little hint from there and make new design for your script, as who will be purchasing this script will also look at the design and how it looks like.

Apart from that.

  1. Cannot post links - gives error for reformat.
  2. When uploading image, give at list a hint somewhere that image is being uploaded , as currently i was waiting for the image to be uploaded but couldn’t see the loading anywhere.
  3. Time ago system is not working at it should. added post 1 second ago but it shows 2 hours ago.
  4. Comments section is very confusing , simply it.
  5. Fix your homepage , it is totally messed up.
  6. Use less shadow , and work on little details.
  7. I think animations on page load , are not social network thing, they don’t give a professional feel, i would recommend to don’t use them in user dashboard.
  8. From pink to some dark color with white will give some social network sense to the design. as now seems like some girl’s blog.
  9. Make it seo friendly , as of now it is not seo friendly

The load speed and all seems very good. But still look into your script and try to make it as secure as possible. in profile page don’t use: make it instead an , it is just recommendation.

Thanks for your suggestions.i will definately make changes - let me know whether admin panel needs changes ? -

  • click on developed with “heart” icon
    And also whether fixed navigation is good or not?

I did check the admin panel , you have to give more detailed admin panel for the clients. as they would like to manage the network with detailed information.

I can’t see list for users anywhere.
i can’t see posts list anywhere.

make the admin panel bit detailed with important sections for admin to manage the site.

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