Can we add a "Report Item" button to everything in Elements Please????!!!!!????

Can we get a “Report Item” button on all the elements stuff please?

A lot of things I look at (mainly themes but some other things also) it seems the creator has disappeared.

If the author has disappeared and their website is gone then it should be removed and not available for download as it will not be supported.

This is my Rant for the day!



Hi @jasonec, I understand the frustration, but items on Elements don’t come with support in the first place.

Hi @XioxGraphix

Here is about something else. There is huge mess on Elements - a lot of items are not working - live demo is not working (for WordPress and HTML items).

I have report a lot of items (last time I have reported 3-4 days ago) but Envato should start work much faster and much often to check items live demo (from my experience no one from Envato is doing that - only if we customers report such item - there is a action from Envato side).

For example this author:

He has 12 items but non of them is working (check the live demo and you will see). And that is just from 1 author. I am sure that at least 100 items are on Elements without working demo. On marketplace (ThemeForest) the situation even worse.

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Totally get that, not asking for support but a report button.

You would think they would want to remove the junk products so the people that are paying don’t get frustrated and stop paying.

I think they believe it makes it look more full (more products) but it really just pisses those of us paying off.

Why do I want to waste a bunch of time going through garbage?

Agree, about 30% of the stuff I check isn’t working. It’s horrible!!!