How to report an issue?


Can you please guide me on reporting illegal Envato element resellers?
I have sent an email but got no response.
@KingDog @Will4490


Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.
If already opened a support ticket, please keep patience they will reply you.



I sent an email 2 months ago and the last reply was thanks for the report. After that never heard anything from them.

Envato will not share more information about their internal action. But if you still find anything wrong you can open a new ticket and can mentioned about old one.


There are 2-3 illegal sellers who have pirated entire Envato Element themes and Elementor kits. I believe authors deserve respect for their hard work, and illegal reselling undermines their efforts.

I have enough evidence to easily stop them.
That’s why I thought it was important to report it.

Thank you for your reply, @mgscoder. I will try again to contact the envato support with the above link.

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It’s everywhere… I see some themes being sold on “online shop” website ( local/international ) and not much things to do…

You can try to submit takedown request to the “website/system” selling those items but…