Need to Purchase Enterprise sub for Envato Elements ASAP

I have submitted two forms and no one is getting back to me!

I am making a proposal for Envato Elements for up 20 people or more. I need pricing and other info so that I can pitch this to the big boss.

Time is critical. I have submitted two forms already and still waiting for someone to contact me.


If you don’t receive a reply after filling the form, please contact the Elements Help team by opening a ticket here:
Envato Elements Help and Support

Things you can also try:

  • to check if there is any blocking add-on in your browser that prevents form submitting
  • also please check your Spam folder in your email inbox, maybe Envato Elements Help team has already replied (some emails go there unfortunatelly, with incorrect routing from email providers)

In Melbourne, Australia, now it’s 7 a.m. so I’m sure someone will get to you as soon as possible :wink: :hugs:

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I submitted a ticket as suggested and still nothing.
Submitting the web form is doing nothing as well. No response.
I get that there are issues on the tech support front but I would think a sales/licensing discussion would something a non-tech person would be assigned to.

Hi @pedvatofer1 - thanks for getting in touch! I’ll send you a private message to follow up on this.