How do I report a profile that steals my work and sells it on Elements?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been an author on Elements since day one. I have been doing this job for 15 years and I do this job exclusively. My living expenses depend on this job.

I found a profile on Envato Elements that downloads my work, and with minor modifications, upload and sell them.

These are magazines, brochures, catalogs ready for print and made in Adobe InDesign.

Since the author’s profiles do not have a contact form (like on Graphic River, for example), I cannot contact the author personally and warn about the problem, who can I contact and report with links to my works from 2 years ago and his from a week ago, which are identical.

Thanks for the answers and good luck with the sales.





please report it to Envato with proper proof.


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Thanks :saluting_face:

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Hi Boris_Cupac.

Your work is stunning. I really like it. Congratulations.
I hope you can solve it easily with the support team.


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You can report copyright infringement to Envato Elements by contacting their support team or submitting a DMCA takedown notice. Provide evidence of your original work and the infringing uploads, including links and relevant details.

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