More control over the items

This is the second time in last 20 days that Envato is promoting items which are not working or are broken/removed or live demo is not working or something else. Probably this is happening all the time.

On ThemeForest home page there is this part:

And 2 of 6 are not working. The same situation was around 2-3 weeks ago - actually, it was even worse. There was an item which does not exist anymore on Elements (item/author has left/delete account on Elements). There must be more control which items are selected/promoted on Home page.

And 5 days latter the same situation - 2 items are removed / missing

Author CastelLab does not have any item on Elements anymore, so, the code which is probably picking random items for the Home page (ThemeForest) should first check if the item/author is still active on Elements.

And again 2 new items are not working:

After 2 months, the same items are there with the same issues.

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