Report button missing on Envato?

Hello there Envato developers,

I am frequently working with themes from themeforest and I have been searching for a button to report fraud sellers to you. In my honest opinion these sellers and themes should be removed from envato for misinformation and failing to refund.
Did I just not see it or is this button not available anywhere?

I understand you check for this before authors are allowed to post their themes?, and in case of to many 1 star reviews you will review this client again?


Unfortunately, while no one wants anyone to have a bad experience, a report button has the potential for creating chaos.

I don’t think anyone would deny there are some less genuine authors/items, but in reality they make up a very small %.

You only need to look at these forums to have an understanding of the sometimes unfairly founded frustrations which are bought about by a lack of experience or having not read terms, or having had unrealistic expectations.

Having a report button would encourage, not necessarily accurate, claims to be made, which in turn would amplify support and staff workloads, causing extended delays.

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So tell me this, because obviously I don’t see myself as someone creating chaos, how do I proceed when I am being ignored by a plugin publisher?

Like this one: Ultra Portfolio - WordPress by themepassion | CodeCanyon

I purchased their plugin, and their front end category selector is not working. I send them a nice e-mail explaining I did the initial debug myself with turning off optimisation etc. You know the drill.

And they just flat out refuse to respond. 845 sales and Elite Author should guard me from this.
Then add on top homepage claims like :slight_smile:

Unique code, scripts and plugins made by world-class creators

And then guess who I think should prevent this from happening to me :slight_smile:


You can always report things to envato and show examples of what’s gone wrong Envato Market Help and Support, it’s only the need for a one click report button on each item page which could cause more problems.

I did this now thank you, I hope to get a response soon and they can discipline this party.

Started working on a new project today, Ancorathemes, Elite power author, 415 sales, well documented, recently updated… and 30min in I can’t click the Publish button when adding custom CSS… :')
come on!!! why do I keep fishing these out.