Can I use AJ Soud Effects in my AJ Music?

I would like to buy some fx from AJ and use them in a musical way in my music tracks. And I want to upload those tracks to AJ.

And I’m little concerned about the license ( )… I want to make sure if this is allowed?

I think you will need permission from the author along with a license.


Hey @RedOctopus . I also asked this question a month ago, as I carefully read and understood that it is impossible. 2


But still in FAQ there is a note that you can upload music when you have permission from author. Just like OsamaSayegh said.

Can you paste link to your topic? I can’t find it.

Well, if you have permission from the author, as written in the exceptions, then it is possible.

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Ok thanks guys!

But btw it’s quite strange that we are not allowed to use in a musical way those effects from AJ without author permission. What a pity!

nice question

if the author is not exclusive to audiojungle, you can ask him directly and arrange a custom license.

Yep. And there some other exceptions. That’s how Envato Support responded:

If the sounds effect that you’re referring to is located on Envato Market then this may be possible.

Generally speaking, the use of items in larger stock projects is not allowed as the default position under the licenses, but there are exceptions.

Exception 1: When you purchase an Extended License and get written permission from the original author to use in your stock item sold via Envato. Keep a copy of the email giving you permission.

Example: A CodeCanyon author has a slider and gives permission by email to a ThemeForest author to use the slider, under the Extended License, in a theme.

Exception 2: When an author gives a blanket permission (in the item description) for the item to be used in other stock items sold via Envato, with the purchase of an Extended License. Keep a record of this permission if you use an item in this way (e.g. save a screenshot).

Example: A CodeCanyon author has a slider and states in the item description that any buyer is permitted under the Extended License to use this item in a larger stock item that will be sold on Envato Market.

Exception 3: When the smaller component is licensed as 100% GPL, you may use it within a larger stock item without needing special permission from the author.