Question about AudioJungle Licensing

I’m a CodeCanyon author and want to include an audio track from AudioJungle into one of my upcoming items. The audio track that I want to include has 2 types of licenses - SFX (Single Use) & SFX (Multi Use).

Will the SFX (Multi Use) License give me the the permissions to include the audio track into my CodeCanyon item ?

You can include it in your preview. But redistribution is forbidden. So your buyers would have to buy the license of the track as well.

I’m not sure, but I think it’s allowed if:

  1. Those SFX can be considered as “small elements” in “larger project” which is the item you’re planning to include in it those SFX. You’ll need to check this with the Help Team to know if that rule is applicable to your item.
  2. You have permission from the author.
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Thanks a lot guys