Question regarding sound effects and music clips

I currently have over 25 sound effects/music clips/intro music in my cart that I plan to purchase and use for Youtube videos that I make, so I have selected the “License: SFX (Multi-Use) License” option.

If I want to use a Short logo sound clip what license option do I select?
For example: Happy Kids Logo by ArtMyLife | AudioJungle

I plan on using it for multiple videos, and plan on using it long-term, so unlimited basically. There is 5 different options, and obviously, prices vary substantially, I just want to know which one I need to select for my needs.

Also, final question for now, once I purchase all these sound effects, music clips, etc with the “Multi-Use” License, do I need to add anything to my youtube videos description to credit the audio files, or what is the correct process for that so my videos don’t get demonetized on Youtube, or I don’t receive any warnings, etc for not showing credit to the audio.

Thank you for all the help!


Good questions and thanks for taking the time to find out about proper licensing.

As I understand it you don’t have to credit the authors but it is nice to do it when you feel like it.
If you buy the right license and you would get a copyright notice you can clear it very easily by showing the license.

Regarding the music and music logo’s it depends if the videos you are making are part of a series. If they are you can use them across your videos on YouTube with the standard license.

You can fully read about it in the FAQ under the topic “series”.

See attached screenshot as well.

Thank you for the help!

If I am making videos that will have the same exact intro and music every single time, will I need any other license other than the “Music Standard License” ($5) or do I need to purchase one of the other licenses, such as “Music Broadcast & Film” ($121).

I am just trying to be meticulous with what I do, and make sure that I am doing everything correctly, and legally.

Thanks again!

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You’re welcome.

It sounds like all your videos are then part of a series. As I understand it then you can use the standard license as long as it is for Youtube. You can have 52 videos with one license, after that you would need to buy a new license. That’s how it’s described in the guide.

The Music Broadcast & Film license is when you would broadcast your videos on TV for example.


Thank you guys for the input I appreciate it.

This is my last question regarding this topic;

Say I want to use this sound clip for example;

In multiple videos, I plan to use it multiple times in each video I create, and in a lot of videos and am wondering if I need to purchase the

SFX (Single Use)
SFX (Multi-Use)

I am curious as to which one I need to use with purchasing because the Multi-Use is significantly more, especially when I plan on purchasing 40+ sound clips.

Let me know what you guys think.


If you plan on using a sound effect asset multiple times, you do need the SFX (Multi-Use) license. The single use license allows for a single use (one video) as the name implies.

Regarding music, all licenses are valid for a single use, as there is no multi-use license there.

Thank you for clarifying this, I appreciate the info!