Before buying sound fx, I want to know

I want to buy some sound fx (birds, sorm and etc sound fx) I want to ask before to buy:

  1. it’s also for commercial use? (not the sound only by itself, I mean that i sell my proyect on where I will put the sound fx) Can I put the sound fx into my comercial videos (spots, films, musical videos, etc) and then can I sell my videos to other company that also will sell the video to their clients?
  2. Can I pay only 1 time the sound fx and use it unlimited times for ever, for always? or I must pay for each time I will use the sound fx? (I will use in a lot of different final end proyects) for exammple in order to put the sound in the intro videos of a series, or in a lot of fdifferent movies/films)
  3. I must credit to videohive/envato? I mean, I must to put at the end of the video from where I bought the sound?
    it is not necessary, right?
  4. Can I put -at the end of the video where I use the sound fx- all rights reserved? The copyright are mine, I mean, the copyright of all the end proyect resulting (for example If I put the sound fx in a spot TV, and then I can put “all rights reserved” at the end of that spot?

Thans you very much

P.D.: I use translator, sorry my misspelling

  1. Yes, commercial use is no problem. You can create end products that you can sell to clients and they can then sell that end product on.

  2. There are a couple of exceptions for when you’re using the sound effect in a series, but in general if you buy a multi use license then you can use it as many times as you like in as many different projects as you like. Otherwise, you need to buy a single use license every time you use it. Check the license FAQ though, for more details on using in a series.

  3. It is preferred that you credit AudioJungle and the specific author, where possible, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

  4. You don’t own the copyright to the audio, just a license to make use if it… but you do own the copyright of the production as a whole… as you have permission to use that audio in your production. So there should be nothing wrong with adding that.

One thing to note… this all relates to sound effects only, the rules are slightly different for other audio categories. There are varying licenses depending on the usage of the end product, so it’s slightly more complex than sound effects.

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SpaceStockFootage Thank you, before buy a lot of different sounds,I want to ask only 2 things because It is not yet clear to me

  1. When I said “series” I mean for example: I also do videos for the youtube chanel of a company, then in the intro of every video, (of each one of they videos) is the same intro, is the same sound fx, for ever (because the company will have for ever that intro for theuir videos). Another example: I also will use a sound fx for the background music of a program, and that program will be emitted for “always” (and teh company will also sell it to their client in DVD od in internet download via web)), then, can i use as background sound a birds? use it fro ever? or I must pay the licence of the birds EVERY TIME the sound will be in each program? …is this -what I have tell you- considered as “series”? Also I need for a series TV, then, what happens? (I don’t find the word “series” in the license link, can you say me where to look please?)

  2. about the copyright of my whole work which includes the sound fx, can I register my final whole proyect in the intellectual property to my name as I always do? Or what will happens?

SpaceStockFootage thanks

P.D.: I see on the sound fx resume license, here. that say “On-demand products/services (e.g. “made to order” or “create your own” apps and sites)” can not be done, but what is “made to order”? (i have client that order me works, what does it means?