buying multi-use soundfx for the intro of youtube videos: ¿will be a series?

An intro for ALL the videos of a youtube company channel, will be considered as a “serie”?

I read the License FAQ, and it only referes as “A YouTube series that releases an episode every week (52 total) would only need to purchase a license once every year.” but in the case of the company, they will upload videos not a determined day a week, some weeb will upload 2 videos a week, some weeks will no upload anything… etc

I want to know because perhaps is more cheap to buy the soundfx in another site with royalty free
if I create the intro of the videos for a company youtube channel, and then I never work again for that company, but every year of my life I will have to pay the soundfx used in that intro because that company use that intro in all the videos of its youtube channel. I really want to put some soundfx for the intro of a company youtube channels I must do (there are 12 companys wanting my intros for their youtube channel), then, I will have to pay for each of the 15 intros every year of my life? Also, the background sounds fx that the company will use in all their youtube videos, (for example a company ask me that besides the intro I aslo must find sound fx for the background musci (as birds, and explosions, etc to use in ALL, everyone of their youtube videos, then… must I pay every year for all the sound fx of the background?

I must to have it clear and legal, to decide to buy or not.

Thank you

P.D.: In POND5 also must pay every year or only 1 time as royalty free?

The “series” thing applies to the Music category and not to the SFX category. If you buy a Multi-Use license you’ll be allowed to use the item in as many YouTube videos/end products as you wish.

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Oh my God, GREAT!! Then, can you assure me that I can: by buyng only a multi-use licence of each one of the: soundfx for intro, soundfx for the background of the program like: birds, water, explosions
-Can i hen use them in all the youtube videos -that will be published and selled for ever, use also the sound fx in all the DVD program which will be selled, also in commercila TV, spots, videoclips, etc

Only paying 1 multiuse license for ever and not paying it every year?

P.D.: Here can you tell me where say that sound fx are not in “series-one year requirement?” Does it mean that I also can use the sound fx in series only paying 1 unique time the multi-use and not every year? (I actually don’t use sound fx in series, but in order to know perhaps I will use sound fx in series)

If I have a true answer assuring it I will buy a lot, but I want to be legal to give confidence to my clients and companies

The table on this page answers all of your questions:

In short, “yes” is the answer to all of your questions. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

That means that for example, for the sound fx of the birds in the forest, I can buy 5 differents birds, joint them -to sound one after other- and put them in the background sound of a program, and this is not considered music, is only sound fx payed in “multi use licensed” can be used all my life paying only 1 time, and can be used in series because is not music, is only sound fx,


Thanks, today I will choose buy differents sound fx.

Yes. You can use them in YouTube videos, theatrical movies, TV shows, DVDs, audio books, music videos and so on and so forth with just one Multi-Use license for each item.

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now yes.

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