Using AJ fx sample in a new song

I have a new “sports techno-dance” style track ready to upload to the reviewers queue but before that I would like to know if it is right to add a “crowd” fx sample I purchased to another AJ author that I mixed with many other elements in the buildup part of the track. I paid the basic license so I don’t know if it would be enough. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

90% sure it’s allowed if you mix it with the music so nobody can extract it from the track. You still need to contact the Help Team.
If you’re going to contact the Help Team, please let me know their answer. Thanks! :slightly_smiling:

I’d hope it would be covered, otherwise I don’t really see the point of licensing sound effects.

Thank you Osama and Adam for your answers.

Seems that I have to ask permission to the author that would allow me to include his item in a bigger item and I also need to buy multilicense user license.

While it’s good idea to let the author know, I guess it’s not obligatory.
And for the Multi-Use License, it doesn’t make any difference in this case, it just allows you to use the item in multiple end products.
Like I said above, contact the Help Team to know if the license covers such usage of SFX. (90% the answer is going to be yes without the need for permission from the author)

You do need to get permission from the author if you’re planning to include any marketplace item in your item.

Doesn’t the highlighted text cover what he wants to do?

You’ve highlighted the wrong part though… this relates to the bottom line. The ‘Use in stock items/templates’ bit.

Hmmm… quite confusing… although I’m aware of this thing, but it just doesn’t make any sense for me in this case… so if an artist wanted to use AJ SFX in an album that he would sell on CDs, would he still need to get permission from the author?
Just became affiliate level 2, awesome!

No, that’s an end product that’s sold, like in the initial line you highlighted… so there would be no problem with that. You only need permission if the item is to be included in another item that is for sale on Envato. I appreciate they’re pretty similar end results though… i.e. if you create a track and sell it on iTunes you don’t need permission. Upload exactly the same track to AudioJungle and you do need permission. They’re both end products that are sold, but it’s the stock item/template bit that’s the key here.

So what determines whether I need permission or not is under what license I’ll sell the end product, if I’ll allow my users to use my product for commercial purposes, I need permission. Otherwise, I don’t need, right? (that’s the difference I’m aware of between AJ and iTunes).
If that’s not the case, then it’s just like saying you can’t do something with your right hand, but you can do it with your left hand.

No, that’s still not quite right! As Audiojungle buyers can use items for commerical or non-commerical uses, so it doesn’t make that much difference. Basically, if you want to include an Envato Marketplace item in your own Envato Marketplace item, then you need to get permission from the author. If you want to include an Envato Marketplace item in your own item that will be sold on another stock marketplace, then you can’t. Permission or not.

If you want to include an Envato Marketplace item in your own item, that you will sell somewhere that isn’t a stock marketplace, then you can, and you don’t need permission.

That’s in general… in addition to that, you might need an extended license depending on what you’re buying and where you’re selling it…

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