Can I transfer my flatsome theme to a new domain?

Hi all,

Sorry for beginner question. I bought the Flatsome theme about 2 weeks ago to build my first webshop. I was using a .com domain but later discovered that since I’m only selling localy it is better to use the .nl domain. So I transferred my website to my .nl domain not realising this would affect my Flatsome registration. So to be clear, it’s still the same website, and not a new website. the .com domain no longer has a website. What should I do? I get this message as shown in the picture but dont want to mess anything up. Do I have to buy flatsome again or can I transfer it to the other domain? Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @bavobakers,

To use purchase code again which already used for any website (mean theme license already registered) you have to unregister/deactivate the theme license from the old domain/website. you can not use the same purchase code for more than 1 website.

If you don’t have access of old website wp-admin where the theme registered/activated then you have to contact theme author and request them to unregister/deactivate the theme license from the old domain/website.

contact the theme Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased theme Author, the theme author will be happy to assist you within their scope.



@mgscoder is 100% correct but just to be completely clear because of some misinformation out there, even amongst authors – you do not need to purchase a new license in this case. The author must assist you with transferring the existing license to the new domain for your particular usage.

The text in your screenshot is actually wrong. A license is valid for one end product, not one domain. It just so happens that one end product usually means one domain, but for you this is clearly not the case. The same website, moved to a new domain, will use the same old license. :wink:


@mgscoder Thank you for your fast reply!

@baileyherbert thank you for your fast reply