Can I Reregister Flatsome Theme?

Thanks to anyone able to answer! I purchased a hosting and domain five days ago. I installed WordPress and purchased, installed, and activated the flatsome theme. I have not designed with it yet tho. Im considering canceling the hosting and asking for a refund as I am in my 30 day window. I want to try another option for setting up a website that I wasn’t aware of at the time of purchase. Guess I simply jumped the gun on buying a hosting and domain. Most likely I will end up with a new domain as I want to start with a clean slate and not really deal with pointing a domain’s nameservers. Will i need to purchase another flatsome license? Or can I deactivate and unregister it from the one domain and re-register the license code to a new hosting and domain?

One single end = one domain, if you change the domain name, you will have to purchase a new copy.

Although, some author allowing the “domain change” once, you could contact the item author for the information but bear in mind, they may ask you to purchase a new copy.

To avoid issues, decide the domain name and install the theme.