Flatsome licence

hello, I purchased the licence, put it on one site that never worked… the domain name has beed moved to shopify. Can I use that licence on my new site ? Thanks

Flatsome is a WordPress theme so it will not work on Shopify

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Off course, that is why the licence is not used anymore, it wasn’t used at all. i want to use it on some other wordpress site, is it possible ?

If you haven’t used it on any other domain,yes you can use.
If you have installed the theme on other domain and you want to use it somewhere else, no.

No - for the reasons as @ki-themes has said. It sounds like you had activated it on ONE DOMAIN NAME which regardless of where that domain name is now gone, effectively means the licence was registered to that domain name. Your best option would be to contact the author of the theme, and request their clarification on this matter.