Can I transfer licenses to another account and close my account?

Can I transfer licenses to another account and close my account?

My company now has a designated ThemeForest account for us to use and they want me to transfer the licenses I purchased for the company to this account. All licenses on my account are being used by the company. They paid for them.

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You could just change the username.

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@goofydadog is right that updating info is the best option here as T&Cs of membersbip don’t allow transferring items

The other account already exists. Is that going to be a problem?

Yes it will be because you won’t be able to physically transfer the items between accounts.

The closest thing you could do is keep them where they are (in your account) and change the name/details on that account.

If there is already a second account that is setup with all the new info you want to use then you will struggle to resolve it.

What do you mean, “struggle to resolve it”? Do you mean it isn’t possible?

You could try contacting support but I can’t think of a way to do it other than change the details of your existing account to something new and use that while abandoning the other new one you created

The other new account can’t be abandoned, since it already has numerous purchases.

In which case your only choice is to email support and ask them if they can help. Typically it’s not allowed to transfer items or accounts so they would be the only people who could overrule this, Good luck

Thank you. Do you have the email address?

Hello @dowen

You can’t do that.

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