How Can I Transfer a Themeforest Theme License to Another Themeforest Account?

Good Morning,

How can I transfer a purchased theme to another themeforest account? My boss will be leaving our company next week and he has one theme that was purchased on his personal themeforest account that we’d like to transfer to our company (under my email address now) themeforest account so that he doesn’t have to forward me emails each time there is a theme update for this theme. It happens to be for the exline theme. Is there a way to transfer the license to my work themeforest account?

Does Envato have support contact email or phone number, or is this forum the way to get this support?

Thank you very much.

Unfortunately it’s not possible.

You can open Help ticket here. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


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Thank you very much. I found a couple similar discussions with links to submit a help ticket, so I did that. Hopefully they can help.