can i sell the themes created by artisteer and templatetoaster in themeforest

Hi Good Morning all,My question is does themeforest accept the themes which is created using template toaster and artisteer.
All the themes are designed by me itself using these softwares so please tell me can i sell the themes created by using artisteer template toaster.

I highly doubt it.

These tools might export code but there are requirements for here (especially with WP) that it will not configure and the code tends to not be great.

With all due respect not only are these tools not a replacement for proper coding, if you cannot write code normally then you will not be able to support, update etc. The file.

it provides even interface in wordpress

I wouldn’t say so either and the main reasons is that you obviously are not great at coding (hence using such tools) so you won’t be able to fix and update the theme to include new features or issues that may arise.

A big part of a decent theme is the updates made, to include new features and to ensure compatibility with all future releases of WP. If you can’t fix an issue on your theme then you will end up having the item disabled and you could lose all the income made from the theme as the buyers will want a refund.

If you can design then team up or pay a decent developer to make your theme, it will cost you a large percentage of your income from the theme but at least you will know that you are releasing the best item you can for your buyers.

As Charlie also pointed out, the code for tools like Artisteer is really, really poor and unlikely to ever pass the strict review process which the themes need to pass.

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No. The code and (probably) design generated by these is poor, there’s no chance you’ll pass the review here.

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whatever it provides I am 99.9% sure that it does not provide it ready to meet these guidelines and without decent level of tradtional coding knowledge modifying the output to meet the guidelines could be difficult