Use someone else theme with license to sale here.

I built few plugins for WP but I noticed that they alone are not qualify to sell. I dont know how to make WP themes so my question is can I choose any theme from themeforest and ask owner to let me sell his/her theme with my plugins?
I mean this will be wrong according to themeforst rules? That theme is already available for sell so can i sell that theme again with my plugins?

No, you cannot re-sale any of the existing themes by adding plug-ins
You can find some designer to cooperate if the problem with your plug-ins are visual, not functional

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That’s against the rules. Although, if you got the author’s permission, and bought an extended license, then it might be possible. Although when doing that, the item you license has to be part of something bigger… so it’s usually the other way around. I.e. people license plugins and then include them in their themes. Not sure if it would be allowed the other way around.

So it’s unlikely you’ll find an author who will agree to this even if it is allowed… especially if you’re going to bundle their item with an item that isn’t suitable for approval on Codecanyon. If somebody did agree, they’d probably want a sizeable chunk of the commission, as their work would be a sizeable percentage of the new item itself.

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