Can I have my Envato elements annual refund?

I was intending to subscribe to a monthly subscription (for about 16.5 USD, I believe) last week when I unintentionally clicked on the annual plan, which is too much for me (I only need it for 2-3 months). Then I create a support ticket with Envato. I haven’t begun downloading anything yet because I’m waiting on Envato to respond. However, there has been no response as of yet, and I need to re-subscribe in order to download something in time for an imminent deadline.

Do you have any idea how long it takes them to respond?

It can take a few days for a reply - make sure this is the link you used Envato Elements Help and Support

Bear in mind they monthly subscriptions are around $33 not $16.5 which is an equivalent monthly cost when signing up for the year

I see. Yes. I want to subscribe to a monthly subscription at $33. I used to subscribe twice before last year.

But regarding this refund process, which means I shouldn’t download anything just yet? It’s been 4 days already.

Thank you for the fast response.

It’s best not to download anything in the meantime.

Unfortunately there’s no way of saying with certainty when you will get a reply but usually it’s 3-5 day so hopefully soon


Thank you!