Can I get aproval for this Item

Dear All,
I just designed a letterhead, please help me if I can get approval for sell.


hi , do not get me wrong this is “clean” but i am sorry to say just this , too, but honestly , your item, as such as no potential at all … if u could make it , people would not buy it, this is why this is rejecting … there is almost no graphic design in this one … and people would opt for redoing rather than buying if they liked it … they would save money as they would not manage to save time out of buying … the global style is too simple, especially in such a context where all the marketplaces are very saturated …

u need to play more with typo , variations, font combinations, to build a real hierarchy and give some relief to this item and introduce some originality touches at least here and there that make your work not in a complete “deja vu” style …

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Thank you very much for your useful advice. I will go step by step by your advice. If you have time, in the future I want to share my designs before upload with you.

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yes i will be happy to try to help u again :slight_smile:

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