hello, I want to ask, which of these three designs should be approved? Thankyou

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None of them have a solid concept and it is hard to understand the target. When you create a gift voucher you need to ask yourself for what industry you want to design and what information you want to highlight. Based on these questions you need to create information hierarchy. Also you have typography, composition, spacing and alignments issues.

Sorry to say but I think that all of them will be rejected. Also check your account to see if you still have upload rights.


You can’t steal other peoples’ work and submit existing items.

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Oh now I see that he steal a flyer from GR and try to re-upload and sell. I’m wondering what this kind of people think!!! He should be banned forever from here!

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I didn’t steal someone’s design, the design above really belongs to someone, I just asked why designs number 1 and 3 were approved, and my design number 2 was rejected?

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designs number 1 and 3 indeed belong to the person who has been approved, and number 2 belongs to me that was rejected recently and in my opinion the 3 designs above do not meet the standards, but why do the 2 designs belonging to people are accepted

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OK, I agree, but why are designs No. 1 and 3 approved? and my design number 2 was rejected?

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Next time when you create a topic explain in details what you want to ask in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Both flyers was approved years ago. Since then Envato raised the quality standard. Most likely will be rejected if the authors of these flyers try to upload them now. Nowadays it is very hard to get an item approved unless it is very well done.

As I told you above, your design have many issues:

  • No concept
  • Wrong hierarchy
  • Weak composition and overall design
  • Random shapes without purpose

its ok thanks

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hi buddy
design 1
the message is rather weak … u need to have the concept being outstanding and that people clearly identify all of a sudden what the item is all about this is not what u have right now …plus, i see a real disharmony in the pictures that i have put in th back , the ones in the right side looking good and the one on the left having nothing to do in my view and being really bad choices, if u ask me … though, despite, i like the two picture on the right hand side, i am also wandering what the global link between these pictures … however they are in the same style , in in any event, which is already ok … 25 % is not valued and hard to read as such, and should rather be central according to the purpose of the item … have u ever heard about z-shape reading process?!
the typo part is globally clean but honestly variations that u have are hard to understand, some of the thinest texts are hard to read and having changing decoration like this from one category to the other makes it hard to understand the logics being the construction of your document …
in branding terms, the thing in not selling too … look, what a potential buyer wants to value according to you? their brand! they need the logo, or ta least name to pop out, to be quite noticed and identified …

i have a question, sincerely, would u spend money to buy an item lime this? i tell u what , in my case, no way … the thing has no commercial potential whatsoever with anyone knowing how to use photoshop , as it can be redone easily and quickly and this would enable people to save money as they would not save significant time buying the item anyways … there is close to no design here … a picture , two circles and some text … i would not be surprised that u could download thousands of such items for free on the internet BTW …
not to mention that the fake logo is really flat and has no interest, u should invest some time to create a really pro one that will take your item to the next level rather than contributing to make your item globally look flat … hard to figure out , as well, why so much space between the header text and the rest … while the central text is way closer from footer elements , which brings to misbalance to the table …
the greyish colors are your item a bit flatter again , too

i see no order whatsoever here … all seems to be placed anarchically and spread randomly regardless of the importance of the concerned texts, thus breaking the hierarchy of information thing … just as a reminder , u are supposed to make primary and secondary elements easily identifiable …
50% off is a major element and should spring out much, but this is not …
coherence is lacking also when u have “summer sale” in one side and “new year sale” on the other one …
where do u place personal data here? the name is supposed to be on the black rectangle? if this is the name and whatever it is this is not placed properly as this is looking misaligned
once again , there is not much graphic design here … there are almost no elements and the graphic design part seems to be limited to a rounded angles triangle the part of a frame and a picture with reduced opacity in the back, this looks quite limited to have a really decent commercial potential indeed , not to mention that some texts are also not that much readable due to contrast issues, and contrast is a basic design principle and the bottom line is that violating this point is not a good idea …


okay thanks for giving your opinion, design 1 and 3 belong to the person who has been approved, if design 1 and 3 are approved, why is my design 2 not approved?

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I have lost my upload right. How can I get back the right?

@Nusyer Read this

they should all be rejected , i guess … but this is not the issue … the number is by far the worse and instead of insisting on asking this question your concern should be to take your game to the next level and post decent professional items rather than this … u will always find flaws in any system, i do not mean this is cool to have them but this is like this and here they do not feel like getting rid of them, so stop wasting your time and do what it takes to make sure that YOUR work is making it and interesting enough for people to feel like buying it

by waiting 6 months and stepping up to the plate during this time so that u start having a minimum approval ratio so that u can have things going for sale, which , at this stage, seems to mean that u have a good deal of work ahead either to change category, improve skills, analyze market needs and what is the “new thing” that u can bring to the table and that does not really exist here, as well as strengthening your knowledge and skills …

Why you always say like that when other people compared their design to approved one, you said both flyers was approved year ago LOL, but you are wrong, flyer number 1 was uploaded at 2 february this year (2020), I also think the reviewer in this platform has an issue

here is the link https://graphicriver.net/item/photography-gift-voucher/25648970 you can see the date on there if you are not blind.


It’s a cruel world! Isn’t it?

Any author faced rejection at some point. When I have a rejection I tried to regroup myself and create something else in order to get approved. I never come here to ask questions that no one can answer.
This is not a school or an information desk. You asked a question, I answer it. If you don’t like my answer it’s only your problem. Complaining in the forum and comparing yourself with other people doesn’t help you at all.

If you faced many rejections until now probably you are not good enough for this marketplace. Learn more and try again.

If you think the reviewer has an issue just change the platform or build your own one. When you upload here, if you like it or not, you need to play by their rules.

No. I’m not blind. It’s just you facing rejections.

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u did not get it buddy … for u to complain about rejections will only lead to one thing, some potential troubles , nothing else, as nothing will change because u do, neither your skills nor the system indeed, not to mention that calling people out by showing their items, is simply not done here and normally these comments are supposed to be taken out from the forums