Can anyone help me with my mistakes about these logos?

hi, I sent these 4 logos recently and hard rejected by reviewers one by one! :)))
so I need your help to tell me what was my mistake about them. I don’t know but I think I did everything right unless somethings that I don’t know about them.




hi , if u ask me u are very far from standards … the convenient thing is that no matter what is the logo we consider , u have all the same mistakes from one to the other …

1- general style
they are a bit too plain and lacking some extra graphic work or original touches …

2- typo
typo is too flat everywhere and as here this is kind of the main focus unless u introduce originality and font combinations much more than u do here , u have no chance to manage to have a logo accepted …

3- color combinations
they are not all well selected, u should stick only to best working ones … the other ones are not useful they just “deteriorate” the feeling that people have about your logos …

4- the eye care one
the tagline is lacking , the illustration and text part are not imbricating well resulting in a lack of balance, texts and illustration are different colors hence this is to working …

If you didn’t meet the standards your logos will get rejected. Make sure you concentrate and meet up the standards .