Logo design was rejected so I need HELP to know what is the problem in my designs.


My 3 logo templates was rejected but I don’t understand what is the problem in my design. Please help me to know what is my fault so that I can upload my design properly.

hi your logos are definitely too basic in a general way and actually they are quite far from standards indeed. The fact of the matter is that not only are concept a bit flat globally but most importantly again visually speaking this is also needing much more work so that u can possibly expect to have these items approved. At this stage there is abit of clipartish side to what u have done, this would take more refinement indeed. Otherwise, I would recommend that u start with working with the proper color associations and avoid such matching as red and green , that are indeed not matching … u should think about complementary colors, shades of the same color or theme code colors which turn out to be safe choices. U must also make sure that u have no execution mistake at al like in the second logo but that all is very accurately executed indeed.In terms of style i think that in order to avoid the clipartish side, u should think about a bit more abstract ways to make your logos come true and that u also try to make look more interesting visually speaking by bringing so effect, gradients, or whatever else. This would bring more relief to the table. I think that this also worth the drive that i remind u off the fact that a logo is not only an illustration and that it takes a text part , too. Besides, typo is a very important part in GR no matter where u are posting and as consequence that u are expected much effort about this prominent point. Variations , font combinations and touches of originality are more than needed indeed , as well as making sure that the imbrication between both part is properly done, too