can anyone help me find out the shortcomings of my resume design. until the hard reject

Your work looks good to me.


hi i will treat these 3 pieces globally as they are sort of suffering from the things so to speak …
1- global style
this is rather flat globally in terms of styles and to be honest i see very little originality , nothing definitely new or whatever here , not to mention that the thing could be clean and a bit flat but sort of ok all the same, but , in addition, there are other things to improve in the meanwhile … to finish with this part, i would recommend that u try to push the envelope graphic design wise so that u have something more unique and more worked out in the end …
2- contrast
problems related to contrast are usually quite underestimated indeed but they are definitely essential indeed. The fact of the matter is that contrast is a basic design principle and messing with this point clearly is not a good idea , that’s the bottom line … there are a collection of issues being directly implied by this problem, see next points …
3- readability
this is a direct consequence from the contrast thing. When contrast is missing , well readability decreases gamely and what is the point of having texts if they are not super visible or hard to read? (especially for such a corporate type of item …)
4- hierarchy
one more time, it has to do with contrast … u end up having big categories or titles being less visible and / or less outstanding than the secondary texts … which is not done … secondary and primary info must be clearly determined so that people can use the resume properly … getting directly to the point that they maybe interested or most interested in …
5- color combinations
well to be honest paired colors are not matching so well with each other or with the kind of item that a cv is … (a corporate document) look for instance , the very flashy yellow color is clearly not aesthetic and in keeping with the seriousness that should transpire from a professional looking cv indeed
6- typo
this is clean but flat and sort of tasteless so to speak, if u ask me . U need to introduce more variations, more font combinations and possibly a few touches of originality so that u can ultimately generate more relief and interest from the potential buyer indeed, also so that they feel like they will save time out of buying …see next point
7- commercial potential
do not get me wrong this is rather clean globally but if u wanna know how i feel , honestly enough , what u have at the moment with all these resumes is rather simple and can be redone without spending too much time or having gigantic skills, in other words, the potential of your item is decreasing due to this …
8- last observation
for me the last one is way better than the others , this is still a bit flat and would take some more punchy touches here and there but there is slightly more potential in this one than in the first two others , maybe also due to the bigger harmony and the style and colors being more adapted to the purpose of the item …

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Wow, thank you bro

u are welcome, happy if it could help u :slight_smile: if u have enough clues as what to do to improve your work, u can check the "solution " box :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile: