Can any one please give me corrections, is this logo will be approved ?

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hi if u ask me, the logo and concept are flat overall , the concept is not a very strong one to say the least in the first place and the way u materialized it did not help to make it look more unique. The logo can be redone in a few minutes without having huge skills and definitely does not offer a buyer a possibility to get a product that they would feel as really more graphically advance than what they can offer, so that the commercial potential of the item decreases gamely and , in such an extent, why would a reviewer accept it? Besides, the one color version is quite revealing in my opinion. Let’s face it, the typo does not help too , since there is nothing particular about it, no real variations, no font combinations, and no genuine touch of originality in the end so that very little relief is being generated visually speaking and that tends to flatten the logo a bit more again. I would also recommend that u invest some time to provide your work with more attention out of placing in context, using mockups and letting people know what the thing looks like once printed so to speak … pls keep in mind that preview files are the interface between u and your work in one side and the reviewer and potential buyers in the other one

Thank you very much for your valuable instruction.

Hi bdCoders,

I would improve the presentation:

  • Maybe 8 instead of 6 variations for the item, 2 columns, 4 lines.
  • Left column: Logo on the top, type (text) on the bottom.
  • Right column: Logo on the left, type (text) on the right.
  • Third line: Blue background (seems an interesting opportunity)
  • Last line: Black background (as you already did)

Hi webdesigntrade,

Thank you for your reply. But I could not understand you properly. Can you please tell me more details?


Just the concept (idea):

Thank you very much. I will follow your instruction.

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these instructions make sense but honestly they are on the margin , this is sort of dealing with the final touch … if u keep on having the same content, If u follow the column thing and improve the presentation this way, your work will still not be accepted anyway …