Calling all German authors!



Hi all!

We’re looking for some local insights into German design publications and websites - if you’re based in Germany, we’d love to have your help :slight_smile:

I’d like to introduce @daveoftheinternet - Envato’s PR and Communications Manager, who can explain a bit more about what we’re looking for.


Thanks @BenLeong, and hello all! I’m David and, like Ben, part of the marketing team here at Envato HQ, primarily in charge of our public relations efforts. Pleased to (e) meet you, thanks for taking the time to read the below. I’m looking forward to spending more time here with our wonderful creative community in the coming months and I promise to keep all my requests short and simple!

Are you based in Germany, or someone who speaks German? If so I’d love to know what your go-to publications and websites are for design and creative news and inspiration.

Over the next 12 months, we’re going to be putting greater energy into trying to build our profile in various spots around the world, and as some of you may have noticed, we recently went live with a version of Envato Elements that has localised its content for people who live and work in Germany, including translated page content and prices displayed in local currency.

As part of this, we have been compiling a list of relevant and widely-read German-based websites in the tech, business and design areas, including Design Bote, Designer In Action, Dr. Web, Klonblog, Entwickler, Pixeltuner, DesignLovr, PAGE Online and more.

Do you have thoughts on the relevancy or impact of these publications? Are there others we are missing we should be visiting more regularly?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.



Tagging in a few random people from the old German Authors and German Meetup threads :wink: @themepunch, @BaumannMusic, @AtagoSounds @monkey_themes @matsteiner @Creattive


Envato is earning enough money just from hosting the website, support and advertising. So frankly, please let me ask: Why don’t you just hire a professional? Is it really just about pushing the costs or even free contribution? Do you take this marketplace seriously?


Rest assured, we do have professionals working on this! We’re investing in ways of reaching new customers in areas we see potential growth in, and wanted to give our German authors an opportunity to recommend the types of publications that you’d like us to consider approaching.



You can have 2000 professionals familiar with german market etc. but if you have opportunity to find someone unique from 82 millions of people (population of germany - not all of them are here, it’s obvious, but you know - friends have friends… someone can be Genius in IT market in germany but he’s not at envato) you just do it and this is how you take business seriously.

For example I have family in germany , my cousin has lived there since birth (now he’s 39) and he know IT market, but he has own company and his own things to do. So if I have some connections in germany I am sure this way is pefect if you try to find someone you need.

And don’t forget - making Envato more friendly just for german language you have also Austria and Switzerland - rich countries, rich people :slight_smile:

I don’t want to make a mess here, I just can’t stand this kind of opinion.

peace. :slight_smile:


I am a German native, part time webdesigner, how may i help?
I am living in switzerland, (zürich), interested in product markeint here in swiss and german speaking areas like Germany, Austria etc…


Hi @schudo! Good to hear from you :slight_smile:

Dave is out of the office this week, but I’ll make sure he gets in contact with you once he’s back next week.


ok, maybe he extended his vacation since its 2 weeks ago


My apologies - Dave ended up in hospital last week, and is out of action for at least another week while he recovers :frowning: I’ll send you a PM once I have some more information from him.


Ok, no prob and hope he get well soon


I am surprised at the lack of replies. If. You would like to have a call I think it would be easier. Let me know and we can chat.