Authors from Germany?


does it give authors from Germany?

I´m from Augsburg, near Munich in good old bavarian :slight_smile:


I’m not from Germany, but I found out yesterday that if you click on your username here in the forum and then click on the german flag you’ll get a list of all authors from Germany.
Not as social though… :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m from Germany. I live near Karlsruhe. Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

small town next to cologne

Here: 136 user

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Nice to meet you guys :smile:

Ah, ok! The trick with the flag badge is useful :wink:

Hey, Iam from munich! nice to meet you guys. greets :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m from Dresden and now located in Ravensburg near Bodensee.

Would like to collaborate with some videoHive authors from Germany!

Hey, i’m from Slovakia but currently im living in Germany (Emmerich am Rhein) near the Netherlands :slight_smile:

Hi neighbours,

I’m from Buxtehude close to Hamburg.

Google Maps

nice to hear from you all :smile:

I´ve got a question to all german authors. It´s about tax and the finanzamt:

How do you handle the tax with envato in germany? Do you write a bill for you accounting? And the taxes?

Would be happy to hear your opinion :wink:

actually would be nice to hear how you handle your taxes here, what about create a small Skype groups channel where we are can talk about this topics?

Ok, so nothing changes for the german authors earnings.

But what about the income from envato? what kind of tax is it in germany?

e.g. if I pay me 1.000 $ from my themeforest account to my skrill or paypal account… how do I handle the tax in germany?

No one has a recommendation? :slight_smile: Where all the german authors at? :smiley:

Hi there, we are from Cologne! #Alaaf

@ThemeKrauts just answered your email :wink:

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@themepunch thank´s a lot :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m from Langenargen at the lake of constance. I’m at the very beginning of producing products for videohive and graphicriver. Happy for any hint. Nice to meet you

Hi @danielberkmann :slight_smile: Nice to meet you too! Wish you good luck with sales :ok_hand:


nice to meet you, …
Not an author, but an client :slight_smile: near Kaufbeuren (Allgäu / Bavaria)

Hi, I’m from Japan but currently in Berlin for 2 years. So nice to meet you all :no_mouth: