Business Card hard reject

Hii, Plz help me… My Business Card hard reject.

You’d need to share demo images of what it looked like

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Neelu Singh



    October 21

You’d need to share demo images of what it looked like

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It is a super crowded and tough category.

While I am not a design expert the typography looks like it could be improved and I am not sure the bright yellow icons are the right colour

hi i think that one of the main problem is that your item graphic part is definitely too much revolving around the colorful shape that u have and that this is reducing the marketability of it since it will not be suitable for all people indeed. This is besides part of the main things which bring contrast to the table at this stage, and as @charlie4282 mentioned the small squares where u put your icons are in a color which is not appropriate either for contrast issues, but also for harmony and making sure that these icons pop out too. The fact of the matter is that it would have been a better idea to try to give them a violet color (and adapt the line under obviously) and make the icon on top of them have a white color. The card is pro and harmonious otherwise in my view, but i guess it maybe considered here that the typo in a general way and font combinations are lacking somehow some way a bit of originality indeed, but for me this looks clean and pro. Try to fix this and to resubmit and i hope u can make it, though, as mentioned Charlie again the category is tough and crowded, as most of the categories now, but this one in particular

Thank you so much your suggestions…

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