Bug with joined date on forums profile

The joined date seems wrong on my forum profile, it says I joined in Feb 2011, when I actually joined the market in March 2007. Not sure why that date is 2011, I definitely started rambling in the forums in 2007 onwards. Anyone else have this?

Correct: http://codecanyon.net/forums/thread/cross-platform-font-problem/372?page=1&message_id=2962#2962 April 3 2007

Just had a look and it doesn’t let me change that date as a mod. Maybe staff can fix that up for you :slight_smile:

I think that isn’t a bug,
Since Envato has moved only 50 threads from the old forum to the new one, and a lot of threads weren’t moved including your first, second,… ones in the old forum, Discourse considered the date of your oldest post that was moved to this forums as your joined date.
So Feb 2011 is the date of your oldest post in this forums which is in What did you buy from Envato earnings? thread.
I hope you get what I mean…

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Haha so my first post ever was an anti Mac rant…

Yeh it’s not critically important, more curious why it pulled that specific date

Ahh I see, that’s probably it then.

Ah yep that matches my join date too. Good to know!

@dtbaker how do you add that custom tag line “code PHP” ?