Find your Envato Join Date?

Hey Fellow Authors,

Might sound weird but how do you find the exact date ( day-month-yea ) when you’ve joined Envato?

I know two methods:

  1. Go to your email and search the term “envato confirm account”, it should come up with the email that you got to confirm your account. The date of that email is your joining date, you know.

  2. Go to your Statement, click More options, and choose Period. Now click any of the ‘date-pickers’ that have just showed up, and keep going back in time till you see something like this:

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Thanks man!

Instead of scrolling back ages I found a quicker way thanks to you!

Just right click on the date picker -> Inspect Element and above there’ll be a “created_at”:1234456677 timestamp. From there it’s simple to convert to a date.

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And just for the records, here is a tool to convert that huge number to human readable date for non-tech people like me:

###Happy 5th birthday, @crivion! :cake:

Haha! Thanks a lot @scottwills I feel important now.